More Generational ranting

Most baby boomers I know have one home, adult children living at home because the economy is so shit and they are also often caring for elderly parents and grandchildren, and are still working. Please don’t play this stupid generation war thing, it’s set up by the media etc to divide us and take our eyes off the real problems- including the widening gap between the wealthy and the rest of us. Each generation has its problems and we should be supporting each other 😎
Think people need to really do their research instead if listening and reading stupid stuff blaming each other for their lack. Greed is what’s causing problems and the lack of caring for your fellow man.The media gets on the “baby boomer” to “millennial” bandwagon and misleads people, creating divides.That is not the answer thats a cop out.

In conclusion, to the the older people, remember you were young and opinionated once and to the younger people, who have issue with the older people; you too will become old!…if your lucky.