Time and Eternity

“I felt a funeral in my brain, and mourners to and fro kept treading, treading till I felt that sense was breaking through. And when they all were seated, a service, like a drum, kept beating, beating, till I felt my mind was going numb. And then I heard them lift a box and creak across my soul with those same boots of lead again, then space began to toll, as if the heavens were a bell and being were an ear, and I, and silence, some strange race wrecked, solitary, here. Just then, a plank in reason broke, and I fell down and down and hit a world at every plunge, and finished knowing then.”

Emily Dickinson


The world looks different now,

From where I stand today.

It used to shine a vibrant yellow

Now casts a silent shadow grey

Beyond fantastic journeys,

Towards a cruel decay

And yet, somewhere,

Not, much too far away…

A tired wary child

Sits secretly at play

As a single star,

Shoots silently

Beyond the closing night.