To our peaceful and loving Razz. We will forever love you, and miss having you in our lives – though you will always be in our hearts.
You were the most peaceful of friends, and more importantly part of our family. You were unconditionally loving which we could not help but reciprocate and you were a true friend who only held compassion. We all love and miss you Razz.
May you find Peace in your last rest, and know you will never leave our hearts.

– Your family that loves you dearly.

Written by my gorgeous son Michael

Echo’s Call

Silent footsteps of the night
Searching echo’s silence,
Lying dormant, still and quiet,
Yearning, waiting to ignite.
Then, a glimmer, a gentle breeze
Stirs the ember, ignites a blaze.
A latent lake of fear explodes
Searing embryonic tears
With crumpled pages anecdotes
Smouldering pregnant, past years fears.